Rebecca is drugged

Did someone slip an aphrodisiac in Rebecca’s dinner? We went out for a nice romantic dinner at a luau and suddenly Rebecca can’t keep her clothes on. We need to get her back to the hotel room before she gets us in trouble and has us thrown out of this tropical paradise. They will not take kindly to their guests running through the halls without their clothes on. Unfortunately we are on the whole other side of the resort and we have to walk by every hotel room in this open air resort just to get to our room. Did we mention Rebecca had way too much to drink? This gal can’t hold her liquor. Or did we mean that Rebecca can only hold her licker by the ears?

We don’t know what happened, but we need to figure out what it was that Rebecca ate or drank and make sure we give her more! There’s nothing like a woman who can’t keep her clothes on! LOL! You gotta watch us try and get Rebecca back to her room before she has some indecent exposure!