Rebecca is the Undercover boss

Yes, some say that those of us who live in the glass tower with our fancy MBAs are out of touch with those in the trenches. Well, in this economy I thought it would be good to go back to work with our brokers on the trading floor. Sitting in a cubicle and drinking bad cafeteria coffee and even answering my own phone! LOL! The big question is how do I disguise myself? If I come to work in my business suits looking like a hot librarian everyone will recognize me. A fake moustache and sideburns won’t work either. I think I’m going to have to dress a little bit more like the office slut. (40 new photos)

I think I have the right outfit that will disguise me and allow me to go to work under cover. I really want to see if I can fool them. In fact, why don’t you come in and see if my wardrobe hides my true identity. Your undercover boss is uncovered!