Rebecca’s Indecent Vegas Proposal

I know many of you think that movie was a bunch of terrible fiction and that nobody would offer $1 million to sleep with a person’s wide.  I think the question was really put out there to ask couples if there really was a price. Well this weekend I am going to spend a night in Vegas without my husband.  I am driving out to Vegas to spend the night with a lover.  A fancy dinner, a show and then the coup de gras.  My husband is being left at home to contemplate what is happening with me several hundred miles away.  Just like the movie, my lover even sent me a dress and some shoes to wear.  Oh my I think it is a bit short.

One other rule he told me is that I am not to bring any underwear!  I might have to wear a skirt with this outfit.  It isn’t very long!  So could you do this?  Would you let your wife / partner go away with a lover to another city?  If so, is there a price?  Come in and see mine!