Want to Drive My Daisy?

Yes it is about that time. When you grow up a country girl and that weather starts getting warm and breezy, that instinct to pull on a little tube top and some short cut off jeans overcomes a girl at least once a year. It doesn’t matter if you are in the middle of the Amazon rainforest or sitting in Times Square in Manhattan, a girl just has to answer to her instincts and put on the birthday suit that fits her. You should know that they aren’t called “Daisy Dukes” because of some silly television series about two brothers and sister living in the Deep South. They are so named because they barely cover a girl’s front side, her flower, if you will and thus her Daisy…as for the Dukes part…….

In the South when two men have to settle an issue, they settle it in a manly way. They put up their DUKES! Big pieces of meaty flesh. Well women only have that on their back side. So do you want to see my daisy or my dukes? If you want to come in and see both, let me know, we could always use a few more hands on the ranch! . By the way, all of you who play Farmville with me now know why I am obsessed with that game!