Your Work Week Girl is Hiring!

You all know I’m a working girl and that is what makes me tick. I work hard every day of the week. Most of you know that I live for Mondays and my week revolves around the start of each work week and culminates with a torrid weekend of fun. I truly work hard to play harder. Over the years I’ve shown you what I look like at night and on weekends, so we thought I’d show you what the work week version of me looks like. Beware, I might be hard to recognize! Do you like that librarian look? Yes, I do wear glasses for reading at work. I have to rest my eyes from staring at the computer all week. Can you say Geek week? I’m hiring. Need a job?

Now you know what I would look like if you sat across the desk from me or saw me at the downtown club lunch room for a job interview! So if you see me in the board room, be sure to sneak me a wink and give me your business card with a little note on the back. Maybe I’ll check out your sales pitch. You better know Excel and Powerpoint! Come on to my office and show me your resume and other qualifications!