Copies for Only $0.49

Only $0.49

So I was off to a conference in Illinois, but they lost my luggage!  I had all my copies of my presentation in my luggage and needed to go and get more made.  I was on my own with no assistant to help me.  It was early in the morning and the hotel’s business services group wasn’t even open yet!  So much for 4-star hotels!  Finally I found a copy store in the Loop.  Making copies is no easy task anymore.  The choices are so difficult.  Black and white, color, landscape, portrait, bonded paper, etc.  Oh well, it’s not my money.  So off to the copy store I went.  They told me it would be an hour before they’d be done.  What to do?

Chicago is a great place to visit, but I was stuck with no clothes and waiting for my presentation that I needed to give that afternoon. So if I sit on the copier, will they charge me $0.49 or $0.98 for a copy of my bum?  What do you think?    I must say, that Midwesterners are the most hospitable people even on a Monday morning!  I hated waiting though.  Come on in and see how I passed the time!