Happy Father’s Day – Gift Ideas for You!

Just wanted to wish you dads out there a Happy Father’s Day! Below is an article about What Dad’s really want on Father’s Day. Guess What?! No Chocolates, Flowers, Ties, etc.


As Father’s Day fast approaches (it’s June 20th), moms everywhere are trying to figure out what gift will really make their guys smile. We asked more than 4,000 dads to be honest and tell us what they REALLY want for Father’s Day.

According to our poll, all Dad really wants is some private time with Mom — or at least a day to NOT hang out with the kids. Low on the list (2.7 percent) was a day alone with the kids — which, incidentally, is consistent with how some of us moms want to spend our time on Mother’s Day! Here’s what dads want most, according to our poll:

•A BJ from Mom — 2,811 (58.9 percent)

•Sex with Mom — 1,009 (21.2 percent)

•A Day WITHOUT the kids — 280 (5.9 percent)

•Expensive booze — 256 (5.4 percent)

•Handmade crafts from kiddies — 175 (3.7 percent)

•A day alone with the kids — 128 (2.7 percent)

•A “World’s Greatest Dad” mug, shirt or hat — 111 (2.3 percent)

Are you surprised by the results?