Little Red Rebecca Riding Hood

Who’s Afraid of THE BIG BAD WOLF? He just wants to eat me!

This is the story of Rebecca, an innocent wife and businesswoman from the ‘hood who was lusted for by every construction worker, bus driver and business person who laid their eyes on her ass. One day she found a red velvet jacket at the department store and fell in love with it so much that they called her Little Red Rebecca. Once hot day, Rebecca wore a minidress under that coat, and before she took off for work her husband reminded her not to talk to strangers or take off the coat before she got to work. He knew she was still innocent and could easily be tempted. She promised him that she would, but that morning would be the last of innocent Rebecca.

Does this story sound familiar? Well it is no fable. This story has a surprise ending and might not be the same as some other similar stories that you might have heard. All I can tell you that there is no moral to this story. In fact there are mo morals at all! Why don’t you sit back in bed, lay back close your eyes and let me read you a sweet story. If you get a little scared I promise to hold your hand or something else.