Global Warming: Rebecca is Blown Away

What is with global warming? Isn’t it supposed to be “warmer”? Here I am promising to go out this summer and take it all off for you and the temperature decides to dip! My titties can even get frostbite in this weather! It was ironic when I went out for some sightseeing at Inspiration Point to check out the beautiful Pacific Ocean for all my fans around the world that I could barely stand in the wind! It was 80 degrees when I left my friend’s house. By the time we got to the coast it was 45 degrees and so windy I couldn’t keep my skirt down! Imagine that! One of the most beautiful spots in the world and I couldn’t keep my clothes on? I am such a wimp from my cold snowy days in Ohio that I must truly be a California girl by now. I have to admit those Santa Ana winds felt really good and refreshing!

You think Marilyn did well posing over that warm heating grate blowing up her skirt? Well then you’ll appreciate those California Pacific Ocean breezes blowing up my skirt. They had my nipples standing on end. Well let’s see if we can get you a little stiff as well! Come on in and let’s see if I can show you a little Global Warming as well!