Take Rebecca for a Test Drive

Okay, we are coming up on my 7th anniversary on Dreamnet and you know that I have a bit of an itch to change things up from time to time. I mean, I don’t like sitting still. Well go figure that my husband decides to have a mid-life crisis of his own. Like every man, he wants to dump the old model for the new one. Fortunately it was a car and not his wife that he wanted to replace. So he called up a local exotic car broker and asked if they could bring over a car or two to our house for a test drive. I don’t know what came over me but I got a little jealous. I thought I was his favorite ride! Yet he decided to bring over this hot young number. Maybe I needed to remind him of my benefits!

Part of a great relationship is reminding your partner or partners who is the Boss! Me, jealous? No! Well that is the challenge, so when he brought home a new toy, I needed to bring out the big guns! So if you had to decide, which motor would you want to start? I’ve been holding out. This week you see something you’ve never seen on this site. I have a guest on my site that you’ve never met before! Come in and see!