Let Me Entertain You

It used to be that when you said someone was the “Lady of the House” that she was a madame or high end escort. For me, it means a woman who is proper and knows how to manage her home. Kind of like the queen and her castle. The emphasis is on the word lady. I was brought up in a proper and traditional household where manners and the social graces were important and we were tested on them all the time. Men were men and women were women. We cooked, washed, cleaned and made sure that everyone in the house was well taken care of. Now that I am older, I thought I’d treat you to some of that traditional hospitality. Come on in, make yourself comfortable.

I really do love to entertain and hold a nice dinner party almost every other month for friends. We are not talking about a catered meal or a BBQed grill meal in the backyard (that’s my husband’s domain). We’re talking about a nice home cooked dinner party by me. The invitations are out and you are invited. Please no gifts. Just bring your lovely self . Oh, and be on time. I hate when people are “fashionably late”.

4 thoughts on “Let Me Entertain You

  1. I think I would like both! LOL!
    You really must be superbly organized to accomplish all that you have on your calendar. And not just all work to boot……and your great personal support from family and friends. We are blessed to know you

  2. Rebecca first time I became your fan when I purchase your DVD from Bombay,India. You are a classy lady. Unfortunately your videos are not available on websites or stores here in US like other stars for example Janet and other hot wives or stars???? Because of this reason not much people,know about you or your website. I am trying my best to promote you.

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