Train Encounter – Fiction or is it?

I like to think that my members are all special that hopefully our relationship inspires them.  When I first started on Dreamnet 7 years ago, people used to write me stories and I’d post them on Dreamnet.  But after the site was redesigned, that rea was lost.  But people continue to write stories and I think that now with my blog it would be a great format to post them.  What I love about these stories is hearing what feelings and emotions my mebers have and also their image of what they’d like me to say or do should I ever meet them.  I have to say that some of these stories make me blush.  Today is a story from Trey Steele (his pen name).  I’m sure it was a stiff pen. I’m glad he wrote it because it inspired me to post more of these.  If you want me to post your story about me, please send them to me at and just put “Story” in the subject line! 

Thanks and Happy Reading! 

Train Encounter Pt 1 by Trey Steele

He entered the crowded train after a hard days work and was searching for a free seat on the subway, but no such luck. So he had to stand up on this wonderfully crowded LA train car,”aren’t I the luckiest man alive”, he thought sarcastically to himself. He was just about to let out a sigh of despair until she walked into the car. She had short dark hair, beautiful eyes, supple sensuous lips, amazing legs, an ass to live for and hips to die for. He had been holding onto one of the subway car handles when suddenly the dream woman who just walked in, stood in front of him and held on to the subway car bar in the middle of the train car, so she wouldn’t fall in the car as well. The train began moving along on its regular course but on each stop it would jerk back really hard and cause the dream woman to accidentally grind her gorgeous ass into the man’s crotch. He didn’t want her to think he was a perv or anything of that nature, but he was getting hard and couldn’t contain himself, she was so beautiful. He definitely didn’t want to scare her or anything because he was african-american and she was caucasian. So he tried his best to contain his erection from this beautiful woman. With stop after stop,after stop, after stop she kept bumping up against him accidentally and he kept trying like crazy to contain his hardness. The effect this woman had on this man was beyond crazy. He began apologizing because trying to hide his hard problem was easier said than done.

“I’m so sorry about bumping into you, this train is so crazy”, the man stated.

“Oh its quite alright, its not your fault,things happen we can’t control”, she replied

“Thanks for being understanding, my name’s Trey, nice to meet you.”

“Hi I’m Rebecca its nice to meet you to!”, she replied.  The train moved on to the next step and again jerked back, but this time Rebecca reached her hand back and grabbed Trey’s hardness through his trousers. To say Trey was stunned, was an understatement, did her hand accidentally brushed up against him like her ass did or was something else going on. The next step was coming up  for the train and Trey was going to see what was going to determine if it was an accident or real. He backed away from her to leave a little open space between the two of them. So when the train jerked again he got his shocking answer from Rebecca.

She looked back at Trey , took her hand, grabbed his hard crotch into her ass and whispered in his ear, “Where do you think your going big man, I’m not done with you yet”, she said.
“Oooookay…”,he replied.

Then a wonderful thing happened, the train got so tight and crowded, Rebecca was almost literally jammed against Trey’s body and then she said the most glorious thing in Trey’s ear he ever heard, “Come on big man, I’m going to take this big black cock for a ride!”
“Well do with it what you would like my dear!”

‘Oh, I shall,I shall!” Rebecca unzips Trey’s pants zipper and pulls out his big black cock literally on the train. Thankfully Trey had on his long black wool dress coat and this helped disguise his cock, from any onlookers. As the train moved Trey and Rebecca moved and grooved to the motion of the train movements. “Baby just keep rubbing me like that!”  Rebecca requested eloquently.
“Will do beautiful!” Trey replied enthusiastically.

This was just simply amazing foreplay on this train and she had him hard as a rock and he could feel himself reaching the point of climax. No woman had ever made him feel like this, he kept rubbing and rubbing, caressing her hips, kissing her neck, becoming one with her. Then finally just as the train was about to stop again, Trey prepared to shoot his cum in sequence with the train jerk. Trey whispers in Rebecca’s ear, “Where should I shoot my cum baby?”

“Lift up my skirt a little, put your cock under my dress and shoot your hot cum load all over my sexy ass!” The train began to jerk and Trey shot his load just as she requested in perfect syncopation with the train jerk. After this train ride, Trey would remember this woman forever!. The train started to clear but, Rebecca and Trey stayed in where they were in their own sea of ecstasy from there encounter until they couldn’t hide anymore.

The two of them went their separate ways but not before Trey asked Rebecca something,” You are amazing we need to do this again sometime!”
‘Baby we definitely need to do this again, trust me!”

And as Rebecca walked out of the train car she took one hand and wiped the cum off with the palm of her hand and then she proceeded to lick her palm and fingertips clean, right as she and Trey made eye-to-eye contact, she smiled and waved goodbye. They parted ways ,but this definitely wasn’t goodbye for these impromptu lovers:….

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  1. I had to tell you thank you,thank you,thank you Rebecca! You are so nice for posting this on your blog baby, thank you for being a great muse too! Those of us who get to enjoy you on your wonderful site are lucky, not only do we get to see the sexiest woman in the world, but also the sweetest Rebecca. Thanks again for posting baby:)

    Trey Steele

    P.S. Hope you liked part II…lol

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