Cum To Bed – Football Widow Guide

You all might think that getting a man in bed is the easiest thing in the world and that every night I get my men jumping on my bed and have to fend them off with a 10 foot pole. You men just might be more fickle than women! When we’re tired and have a headache, you want to jump our bones, but sometimes when we dress sexy in a little negligee when you come home from work you’d rather crack open a beer and watch a football game. Well I grew up in a football family, so I might have a few tricks up my sleeve to grab your attention. BTW, are you part of my Football Office Pool? If not, send me an email. Only current and past members allowed.

Is your man spending his Saturdays and Sundays stuck in his “man cave”? Does he paint his face? Does he have foam fingers in his closet? Well let me help you grab his attention away from the television and couch. And guess what, he can still enjoy his football. Are you ready? Come in and take a few lessons from this ex-cheerleader!

Diary of a MILF

I’ve been getting many requests these days from people looking to hook up. I’m not sure they understand what it means to be an amateur MILF. Especially an amateur “working” MILF! Don’t get me wrong. Any middle aged woman loves being appreciated for more than her breeding, cooking, and cleaning. A potential suitor must understand that most MILFs have to get their house in order before we can go out and play. We’re all a little more complicated than we make it look. Want to know more? We don’t just kiss and tell.

What kind of planning needs to take place before you can meet up with most web women? It might look like a simple thing, but let’s just say it isn’t the most glamorous of things. So how does it work? Let me tell you how it works. Note: This is what I’ve seen, but some people are different. Alright, come check it out, you might wish you never knew. Can you MAN UP?

Music in My Ears

You know….for a while this summer I was thinking that I just wasn’t liking any new songs on the radio this year.  Everything on the radio was old Lady Gaga, Justin Beiber, etc….  I just was having a trouble with the music, but I think I’ve finally settled into my 5 favorite party songs that will define my summer of 2010.  They are (in no particular order):

1. Bleed – Hot Chelle Rae

2. Misery – Maroon 5

3. I Like it – Enrique Iglesias

4. Dynamite – Taio Cruz

5. Teenage Dream – Katy Perry

Alright…now get up and dance!  Let’s go all the way…no regrets…

What are your favorites?

Rebecca Goes Bananas

I hear people asking me where my toys are. Well I don’t have a lot of adult toys in my house. My feeling is that if you have the real thing, you take the real thing. Besides, putting a cold piece of plastic or subber inside you just isn’t the same as some naturally grown organic product of nature. It’s also more healthy! Besides, I think that consuming naturally grown products increases the senses. I think Mother Nature would be proud, don’t you?

If this gal is going to play with inanimate objects, they better be all-natural and organic. No steroids, no pesticides, no growth hormones (no Viagra, no Cialis), etc. I don’t know why, but having something fresh, cool and natural just turns me on. Some say I’m as cool as a cucumber in the board room. If they only knew what you know.

The Train Encounter – Part 2 (Fiction)

Below is another great piece of fiction written to me by out of my members who uses the pen-name, Trey Steele.  I definitely get excited when I hear about the ideas that I inspire.  If you should aslo feel inclined to write a well thought out piece of fiction that will turn me on, please feel free to do so.  This one makes me want to go out and get some good hard cock!

Train Encounter Part 2 – Train Wide Shut
by Trey Steele
Trey awoke in his cabin car on a train into London, he was on his vacation enjoying all the English culture had to offer. He never forgot his secret train encounter lover Rebecca, her hair, her eyes, lips, hips, ass and oh-so wonderful smile. He knew he would meet her again some day. Trey had been partaking in the local swing clubs for fun to enjoy himself while he was on vacation. He went to a club called “Little Sins” he was at the bar and just scoped the club. There were numerous scenes of enjoyment commencing in this club.

He witnessed s sexy blonde young woman sucking two young cocks while the three just held a casual conversation. He marveled at a sexy mature brunette blue-eyed goddess who was bent over a table while men circled around her beautiful naked ass, jerking their cocks and shooting cum all over her ass. He smiled at the sight of the numerous naked women walking around in sexy heels.

After witnessing all these glorious happenings Trey thought his night couldn’t get any better. Then in she walked-the woman he ached for,longed for, and stayed hard for all day and night-Rebecca. Rebecca had on a sexy white sheer dress with nothing on underneath and had on a sexy pair of white Penthouse high heels. She was dressed to kill like the goddess she was.  Her silhouette- was unimaginable, her legs-long and luxurious, her lips- sweet and luscious, her ass-amazing and wonderful, her hips- as always,to die for!  And without skipping a beat, Rebecca grabbed Trey by the hand pulled him off the bar stool and onto the dance floor. She leaned in towards Trey, and whispered in his ear,
“Oh…how I have missed you baby!” Rebecca stated.
” I missed you too sweetie!” Trey replied.

“The last time we where together was amazing!”Trey proclaimed.

“You rode me the way I needed to be rode baby!” Rebecca professed.

The two secret lovers mutually agreed it was time to catch up while on the dance floor. Rebecca immediately grinded her hips in Trey’s crotch getting her lover hard and ready. Trey had to return the favor for his lover so he took his hand and got her sweet pussy lips wet while also keeping her clit stimulated. Trey literally was going to make her squirt on the dance floor.

“I’m going to squirt all over the fucking place, don’t fucking stop baby!”

“Oh its all for you love ,all for you.”

“Fuck…Fuck….Fuck baby I’m going to squirt everywhere Fuuuuuuuuuck SHIT GODDAMN!!”

” Was that good baby?” Trey asked.

“The best baby, the best!” Rebecca said.

So just as Trey returned the favor for Rebecca, she felt it necessary to return the favor for Trey. She pulled Trey down on one of the plush couches and began to give Trey the most immensely amazing blowjob of his life,

“Baby I am so fucking hard, you are the best damn!” Trey proclaimed.

“Does that feel good, when I lick your shaft and stroke your cock with my hand at the same time?” Rebecca questioned.

“Yes baby yes! A thousand times yes!”

“I want you to push my head down on your cock Trey and make me gag on your cock!

“Your wish is my command baby.”

Rebecca kept rotating from deep throat gagging to stroking his cock non-stop until finally Trey couldn’t hold back and shot his cum all over Rebecca’s gorgeous face. But it seemed Trey was reluctant to fuck Rebecca after their mutual pleasure. Why was Trey holding back, did he not want to fuck her , did he want to go back to his hotel, did he want a drink? Oh no he wanted to fuck her, but in a much better location. He had to ask Rebecca something important,
“Hey sweetie would you want to check out this group party I heard about, I heard its a great scene?” Trey asked.

“I’m game, sounds fun, let’s go!” Rebecca replied.

Trey held Rebecca’s hand as they left the club after one more drink and hopped in a cab. These two lovers exchanged pleasantries and Trey began to explain to Rebecca where they were going. Trey began to describe the party to Rebecca, “This party is like no other party you have ever seen Rebecca, you will see ocean’s and seas of pleasure, the unimaginable will be imaginable, the unattainable will be attainable, this will be the event to end all events.” Trey stated.
“This sounds like an adult playland!” Rebecca replied.

“And then some baby, and then some”

They arrived at the mansion called Elveden Hall in Elveden Sufflok , England. An extremely large privately owned mansion. They approached the front door and were asked a question, “Good Evening sir, may I have the password please?” the doorman questioned.

“Certainly, the password is fidelio.” Trey replied.

“You and your lovely guest may enter the party!”

“They enter the doorway and that’s where it begins. The two immediately enter the mansion and Rebecca looked like a complete goddess, looking sexy as hell in her sheer white dress and matching heels. The two began walking through the mansion and observed all the things going on, what they witnessed was a plethora of pleasure.

In the first room they walked through: There were plush couches and lounges with couples all over them fucking in seated cowgirl positions and women were sucking , licking, and kissing every inch of the cocks in front of them. Rebecca couldn’t believe what she saw with her eyes she had an enormous smile and began slowly rubbing Trey’s cock through his pants as they continued walking through and observing the playful activity.

The next room was a ladies playland heaven: There was an enormous group of naked ladies in heels on a huge sized dinner table draped over this table performing all types of acts from women 69-ing one another, women using double-sided dildoes to fuck their pussies at the same, and not stop oral licking, sucking, and fingering of each female pussy and clit in the room.
The third and final room was the orgylicious room: There was a sea of bodies in this room and everything imaginable was happening from women sucking cock and getting fucked from behind, men holding women up while standing up fucking, there was a line of women bent over lined up in a row naked with heels on for one purpose and one purpose only- ass bukkake contest. This contest was simple, the men would come up and shoot cum all over the women’s asses and after 30 minutes the one with the most cum was the winner. The women were not left out as well they had there very own cum-to-lick contest to see who could come the fastest from getting their beautiful pussies licked, they of course were squirting everywhere! Oh yeah while Rebecca and Trey were observing the various room activities, Rebecca had already pulled Trey’s cock out and was walking around with it in her hand because she knew it was hers anytime she wanted it. Rebecca couldn’t take it anymore, she pulled her dress off, dropped to her knees and put Trey’s cock in her mouth, she sucked licked, kissed and got him hard as a rock. Just as Rebecca was about to let Trey fuck her, he had to tell her something,
“Hey baby,can I tell you something,” Trey asked.

“Of course!” Rebecca replied.

“I’ve actually got a surprise for you”

“Oh …do you!”

“Come on over guys.” Trey announced.

Trey had organized an impromptu gangbang for Rebecca. Three other large cocked guys came over for Rebecca’s pleasure, she had the biggest smile on her face. These men fucked her non-stop she was riding,sucking,fucking, licking and stroking. They were filling all of her holes and she had become air-tight! The fucking was going on and on and Rebecca finally let it be known what she wanted, “I want you guys to shoot your cum all over my body” Rebecca professed.
And like a crescendo in a piece of symphonic music one-by-one each guy came all over her.

“I’m going to cum on your back—ohhhhhhhhhh shiiiiiiiit!” Guy#1

“Oh shit keep stroking me Rebecca, I’m going shoot on your face —–ahhhhhhhhhhhhh fuck! Guy#2

“I’m going to shoot my cum all over your fucking sexy tits Rebecca! Shiiiit!” Guy#3

Lastly Trey got the best spot to shoot on Rebecca’s glorious ass!

Rebecca’s Wet Dream

Are you feeling the summer heat? Well why don’t you cool off with me. I just finished my 7th year here on Dreamnet and I think I’ve learned a thing or two. One of them is how to keep cool in the heat of the fire! Seriously, taking off all of your clothes is one way to get cool. Jumping in a refreshing pool is another. Need some incentive? I’ll hold your hand and jump in with you although I know being around you might get you a little hot.

You’re not afraid of a little water are you? If you want to cool off you are going to have to get a little wet. Don’t worry, just place your face in the water or you can dip your toe in the water. Better yet, why don’t you just swim to me here in the middle of the pool. Come on in, the water is just fine.

I am your Polka Dot Princess

I know that this might surprise some people, but I do have a competitive streak inside me.  So I was excited to win the Wicked Temptations Customer contest.

July 2010 Wicked Temptation of the Month

This means I am the official model for their Polka Dot Princess Set.  Yes. I am your Polka Dot Princess! Check it out here:

Winning put me on their permanent Wall of Fame for past winners.  What did I win?  I won a $250 shopping spree on their site.  This is big because I do tons of shopping and so do many of my fans on this website for erotic clothes to wear on

What’s better?  This puts me in the running for the Wicked Temptation of the Year!  Can you imagine?  That would give me $500 and an additional $500 shopping spree.  Yes, expect me to ask for your vote in January 2011!