Cum To Bed – Football Widow Guide

You all might think that getting a man in bed is the easiest thing in the world and that every night I get my men jumping on my bed and have to fend them off with a 10 foot pole. You men just might be more fickle than women! When we’re tired and have a headache, you want to jump our bones, but sometimes when we dress sexy in a little negligee when you come home from work you’d rather crack open a beer and watch a football game. Well I grew up in a football family, so I might have a few tricks up my sleeve to grab your attention. BTW, are you part of my Football Office Pool? If not, send me an email. Only current and past members allowed.

Is your man spending his Saturdays and Sundays stuck in his “man cave”? Does he paint his face? Does he have foam fingers in his closet? Well let me help you grab his attention away from the television and couch. And guess what, he can still enjoy his football. Are you ready? Come in and take a few lessons from this ex-cheerleader!

2 thoughts on “Cum To Bed – Football Widow Guide

  1. I’ve said it once, I’ll day it again. Damn, you are one beautiful and sexy woman. As a former official you’d get no yellow flag from me unless it was for “illegal procedure.”

  2. WOW!!! Is all I can say about you, where have you been all of life….lol, excellent, body of work (and figuratively).

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