My Little Italy

looking over the piazza

Many of you already know I have a little Italian in me. Italians are known for living a little extravagantly. Yes, like a fine sports car my lines have been hand crafted. I can also be very temperamental and very high maintenance! Do you enjoy fine food, fine women and fine culture, then follow me onto my terrazzo (that’s terrace in Italian). Do you want to live La Vida Loca? Ever thought of stripping all your clothes off and dancing in the rain? Don’t live your life waiting for the world to pass you by. Let me show you how to live.

Life’s too short to sit there and let your life to be dictated by others. Do you like living in the fast lane? This little hot rod will take you for a ride. Come on in and I’ll take you from 0 to 60 in 3 seconds flat.

2 thoughts on “My Little Italy

  1. We all know you have a little Italian in you, but the real question is whether you’d like a large Irishmen inside you?

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