My Summer of 69

What did you do this summer?

Sadly summer is ending next week.  What that usually means for a Dreamgirl is that the bikinis go away and the thick cable knit sweaters come out.  It also means that our days in the sunshine are numbered.  Well not for me.  I’m going to still get out there.  Although I grew up in the Midwest I’ve now become a year round outdoor California chick.  Yes it gets a little cold out, but I’m going to try and make sure that while you might be shoveling a little snow or raking leaves in 20 degrees or colder, I’m ready to keep you thinking warm thoughts.  This summer I had some great photos taken and many not used.  I thought I’d put together some of the photos you didn’t see before and turn them into a summary of my summer.  Think of it as a 3 in 1 photo update.  69 new photos in total.  Such an odd number don’t you think?

Did you miss me this summer?  A lot went on.  Never fear.  I had it all captured just for you.  In fact some other people were on hand to take photos and they sent me some after I’d already posted them.  Some I didn’t even know they took.  Now you get to see some extra photos of me from behind the scenes.  I’ll make sure to keep you in summer mode.  Take off your pants, slip on your swim trunks and let’s take a dip in the pool, Shall we?