Rebecca’s Train Encounters – Part 3

And now the Final Piece of fiction from one of my members, Trey Steele.  Mighty realistic if I may say so.  What do you all think?  Have you got writing talent?  Feel free to contribute and you just might be published right here.  I think this makes some good bed time reading!  Might there be an encore?  Stay Tuned.

Train Encounters  Pt 3 – Train Showstoppers  by Trey Steele

Trey & Rebecca

Trey had been trying to get his investment portfolio together for quite sometime finally, he decided to visit a highly successful firm in Los Angeles by the R.D. investment firm. Trey had read the returns that his firm had provided for its clients. The financial reports  of the firm displayed thorough and precise returns for the clients of the firm as well as the firm itself. The only thing Trey was unfamiliar with was the head of this particular firm. He only knew the basic info about the head of the investment firm- years of experience, education background, and that they were a client driven firm. He was in for a surprise that he never could have imagined. As he waited in the lobby waiting on the head of the investment firm, his thoughts drifted off to thinking about his fun,sexy, mysterious impromptu lover Rebecca.

He thought back to their interaction on the crowded train, the european swing club and also the private mansion party. He was reminded of every inch of her sexy ass body from her lips, hips, thighs, legs, smile,breasts and he glorious magnificent ass. His eyes were closed as he thought about her in her complete essence and beautiful form. As his eyes opened he heard high heels approach him and he looked up and their she was “Rebecca”.

“Mr. Steele, Hi I’m Rebecca, owner and C.E.O. of this investment firm and I understand you might want to do some business why don’t you come with me to my office so we can discuss future endeavors!” Rebecca stated.

“That sounds great to me.” Trey replied.

As he followed her to her office ,all he could do was smile and think of how great it was to see her again. But had she forgotten Trey, did she not enjoy herself the last time they were together, or was she too busy. As they walked into Rebecca’s office she flipped a switch in her office which turned on the white tent on the office windows for privacy. Trey did nothing but smile, Rebecca went and sat behind her desk and took her panties off and spread her legs in the chair and said one thing to Trey.

“I missed your ass so much Trey!” Rebecca proclaimed.

“Take that big black cock out of your pants right now you wonderful man!” She demanded.

The two lovers began playing with themselves in unison, breathing together, stroking together – becoming one in their minds, souls, and bodies. Rebecca couldn’t hold back anymore- she pulled off her dress, undergarments, and left nothing on but her sexy black strappy heels. She pulled Trey into her chair and devoured his cock-licking, sucking, kissing, caressing his enormous shaft. Without hesitation Trey reversed positions with Rebecca and began his plan and his plan- to lick Rebecca till she would cum everywhere.

“Oh my god! That’s it baby lick that glorious pussy dry!” Rebecca Proclaimed.

“That is my fucking spot! Don’t you dare let your hand or tongue stop you wonderful man!”

Rebecca squirted all over Trey and her desk.

He was the first man to make her cum that hard. Trey couldn’t hold back he had to make a request to Rebecca.

“Baby can I please fuck those glorious tits?”Trey asked.

“Rebecca my cock is engorged,needs to be fucked by those tits!”

“They are all yours sweetie.” Rebecca replied.

He began moving up and down in between her glorious tits, and as he would move, Rebecca sucked the tip of his cock as it reached her mouth each time. The urge was unbearable and he couldn’t hold it anymore, he blasted his cum over her tits and chest like he was the black Peter North. Rebecca gobbled up his cum like a baby sucking on a bottle of milk.

“Baby your cum taste so sweet thank you.” Rebecca grinned.

“My pleasure as always, thank you goddess for making me cum so hard.” Trey replied.

“Would you like to accompany me to a convention I have to go too?” Rebecca questioned.

“Baby I will follow you to the ends of the earth lover! Where is the convention?”

“Its in Vegas!” Rebecca informed.

“Sounds good to me, let’s go!” Trey replied.

The next day Trey arrived at the train station to meet up with Rebecca. The two spontaneous lovers stared at one another longingly gazing into the eyes of one another. They slowly entered their adjoining train car cabins and opened up the connection doors and it-was-on! Trey ripped off Rebecca’s underwear underneath the sexy black dress, but left the dress on.

“Shouldn’t I take the rest of my clothes off first?” Rebecca questioned.

“Not yet baby,because I have got to have you immediately!” Trey proclaimed.

“Now I’m going to pick you up, put your arms around my neck, put your legs over my arms, and fuck the living shit out of you while standing up.” Trey said in a calm somber tone.

“Your wish is my command lover!” Rebecca replied.

Trey began pumping his huge cock in-and-out of Rebecca’s sweet ,wet, glorious pussy. My god he thought, this woman feels so good and slapping of his balls against her clit was a sound that could rival the most beautiful symphony orchestra.

” I can’t take it anymore, I want to taste you. Mommy , daddy wants to taste you, now!” Trey declared.

Before Rebecca could utter her response, Trey flips Rebecca into a 69 position while still standing up and licks her pussy unconsciously until she cums in his mouth uncontrollably.

“Baby your licking is amazing I have never cum so hard!” Rebecca proclaimed.

“It’s time to fuck again love! Trey professed.

He flipped her on the bed and fucked her doggy-style nonstop. Now unbeknownst to the two lovers the curtain accidentally came open and the real show had begun. The two lovers started fucking in every position imaginable – doggy, missionary, sideways, standing, sitting, licking, sucking, caressing and stroking one another while their high speed train passed an unknowning audience. Luckily the train sped by numerous train depots with lightning speed, this allowed both Trey and Rebecca’s inhibitions to be fulfilled. Once they realized they had an audience they didn’t stop until cum  was everywhere: on Trey’s cock, in Rebecca’s pussy, tits stomach, and that glorious ass! They had arrived at their destination in Vegas and at pure ecstasy as well.

“So shall we head to our hotel ,lover?” Rebecca pondered.

“Yes we shall my dear.” Trey replied.

“You know you’re the best Rebecca!”

“Thank you lover , I try my best!’ Rebecca replied with a devilish grin.

This was the end of their trip or was it………………………..

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