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Do Not Disturb

Do Not Disturb

Do you travel a lot? Don’t you hate being all alone in a strange big city?  My husband admitted to me last year that he had twice had affairs while traveling on business (before we got married).  He said that being on the road had gotten lonely.  Once he met up with a gal that he met while having a drink at a bar.  The second one was more shocking.  He said he screwed the chamber maid who came to his room in Stockholm!  It sounded so hot.  It was so long ago that I had to forgive him.  It got me thinking!  So when one of my lovers was in town I snuck in and gave him a little “maid to order” service!

If you are a derriere connoisseur then this update is for you.  Do you ever want someone who does bathrooms?  Then I’m the chamber maid for you!  Do you want a turn down service as well?  Then you better come in!  Make sure to knock first!

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