A Pirate’s Booty

I know you need to sometimes get out and leave your world behind. I’m just the same way. I love to take little trips and lose myself. If you want to come along, I can take you to a land far far away. Well it isn’t that far away really. It’s just off the coast of Los Angeles (20 miles to be exact). It is called Catalina Island and it once a community of smugglers and pirates. Some people say that there still might be hidden treasures on the island. Every once in a while I will take a day off, pack a sandwich and hike the hills and pretend I have a treasure map to some lost jewels.

Would you like to help me on my little journey?! I might need a little protection should we come across some modern day pirates. Well I have a treasure map and let’s just say that if X marks the spot, then we will have a very rich experience. Are you ready for a journey? Well then hop aboard! There’s gold in them hills! Yo Ho Yo Ho, a Pirate’s Life for You!

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