So Busy… But not Too Busy

Sorry for not posting in my blog more these days, but as I mentioned a few weeks back, I got a promotion.  Unfortunately it wasn’t a pleasant one as my mentor who convinced me to join his office was having major health issues and it was decided that he should retire and reduce the stress in his life.

Unfortunately for me, the economy is so bad that although I took over his role, we couldn’t backfill my job.  That means I now am swamped with administrative tasks at work and have many more personnel that I am personally responsible for.

So the bad news for you is that I am so tired and stressed these days.  The good news is that i have a great hobby in which to release my stress.

I just want to let you all know that while I might not be as responsive as I have been in the past, I am still here.  I might ust take a day or two during the week to get back to you,

Dreamnet has also been busy as they updated their servers and added my latest clip.  Be sure to check it out!