My Secret Garden


If you are a true fan of mine, you will know that not only do I love sharing myself in my naked splendor, but I like to show you some of the things I love as well. Last week I took you to Catalina Island. This week I want to show you one of my secret favorite places that is so beautiful. I’ve been there 3-4 times in my life but I think its serenity, beauty, landscaping and artistic uniqueness is so cool. I have met the gardener of this hidden hideaway and he is the sweetest old fella. If he only knew how Rebecca tends to his garden when he’s not looking. You might just say that I’m a flower whisperer.

BONUS!! If you have been to this place and came name the location of this garden, then I will give you an automatic one month membership or one month extension to my club! Must be a past member in order to win. Send your response to my gmail address and make sure you put the word Contest in the subject line. Are you ready to visit my secret garden? Follow me and I’ll show you some of my secret beautiful flora and fauna!

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