Kissed a Girl

Kissed by A Girl

One of the most wonderful things that being on Dreamnet has afforded me is the opportunity and appreciation for letting loose every once in a while.  I truly believed in working hard to get ahead in life but never really thought about what it meant to play hard!

Well this weekend I got invited to the home of some pretty incredible people with some really beautiful friends.    I wish I could show you the photos of the fun we had but I of course respect the privacy of my friends so I can’t share any photos without their permission.

I just have to say though that I met some pretty incredible girlfriends.  They come from all walks of life.  Retired millionaires, doctors, teachers, etc.  We had so much fun.  Like the little tattoo my girlfriend gave me?  She was such a cutie.  You know I prefer men, but it was sure fun to be kissed by a girl.  I think I liked it!