Be Thankful & Make A Wish


How thankful are you in 2010. I know that this is the time of year to be thankful for what you have, but it is still okay to be a bit selfish and make a wish for what you still want and that you don’t have. There is still a lot going on in this world, but more than just being thankful for what we have, I know it is important to make a wish and dream big. This is Dreamnet after all, isn’t it? As your Dreamgirl, I like to keep it positive. So make a wish and let’s see if we can help make it come true! To help things out I have my little fantasy fountain here to help you with your wish.

Don’t believe in wishes? Try this one. If you don’t dream at all your wishes will never come true. Okay, so here is what I want you to do. Get our a coin. Pull down your pants or skirt. Close your eyes. Now make a wish. Blow on that coin and toss it. Did your wish come true? Are your eyes still closed? Come on in and find out if it came true!

The Naked Girl and the Bridge

You asked for it, you got it! I was going to Napa for a wedding and was tweeting that I was driving over the Golden Gate Bridge and everyone started sending me instant messages to take my clothes off! Well we pulled over and I did it. It sure was cold, but I found a beautiful vista point to worship one of the most beautiful bridges and cities in the world. Hopefully I could bring some heat to this place! I didn’t realize how many landmarks I could have behind me at once. I just hope that I don’t distract you from the beautiful scenery behind me! I don’t know about you, but I left my heart right there!

The Empire State Building, the Hollywood sign, Radio City Music Hall, Coors Field, Disneyland, the Hollywood Walk of Fame and the Golden Gate Bridge have graced the pages of Rebecca’s Office now. Maybe you all can start sending me requests for your favorite landmarks. Come on in and see my little vacation detour. Hopefully I don’t ruin the postcard moment! The Japanese tourists at this observation point took some good photos too.

A Happy Place

I love living near Disneyland.  In fact it is one of the great benefits of living here in California.  They have these season passes which make it affordable for the whole family to go multiple times a year.  For birthdays, for parties, or just for a regular pick me up.

I’ve always been a kid at heart so getting back there is so fun for me.  It makes me feel young again, or at least young at heart.  They’ve made some changes over the years, but it still makes people smile more than any other place on Earth!

Slippery When Wet

“Rain Rain Go Away, come again another day! Naked Rebecca wants to go out and play. Rain rain go to Spain, Never show your face again.” We are now getting into the bad weather months, but hopefully this week’s update will cheer you up. I’m like a postman. Rain, sleet or snow, I’ll be there for you! Yes, there are days like this in the Fall when I still want to get out there and get naked and perform for all of you. It is what you all want isn’t it? It makes me sad like a little puppy when I have a day planned to get naked outside for you and the weather doesn’t cooperate. With all my fans waiting for me to come out and play! I just sit by the window stare at the rain and sing my nursery rhyme until…..

Yes Mother Nature listened to her favorite daughter and stopped the rain so I could get outside and be one with nature. Don’t you just love it? I felt like a little kid able to get out and frolic in the puddles. Being a simple gal from the country I really miss those pleasures in life. I hope it shows when you see me finally get outside after being cooped up all day. Come in and get out with me!

The Hollywood Audition

I Heart You


I get lots of email with special offers everyday, but when one member admitted to me that he was a Hollywood Producer and wanted me to audition for a role in a new movie, I took it more seriously. He proved to me that he was real and invited me to his Hollywood Hills home overlooking Griffith Park. I was still wary especially when I was asked to show up in a bikini and asked immediately to strip down, sign some waivers and then pose for some photos. There were other girls there too so that made me a little more at ease. I made the final cuts though which meant I had to practice the scene with the leading man. The role called for this young star to meet a cougar mom for a one night stand. I didn’t need to practice for this role, I was born for it!

I’ve often joked and made reference to the “casting couch”, but this was a little different. This beautiful Hollywood Hills home proved to be a great back drop for this audition. The audition did not end up on the couch though. Instead it ended up in the hot tub where we lined up girl after girl to practice our one line and kiss with the leading man. Come on in to see my behind the scenes audition for a Hollywood role.