The Hollywood Audition

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I get lots of email with special offers everyday, but when one member admitted to me that he was a Hollywood Producer and wanted me to audition for a role in a new movie, I took it more seriously. He proved to me that he was real and invited me to his Hollywood Hills home overlooking Griffith Park. I was still wary especially when I was asked to show up in a bikini and asked immediately to strip down, sign some waivers and then pose for some photos. There were other girls there too so that made me a little more at ease. I made the final cuts though which meant I had to practice the scene with the leading man. The role called for this young star to meet a cougar mom for a one night stand. I didn’t need to practice for this role, I was born for it!

I’ve often joked and made reference to the “casting couch”, but this was a little different. This beautiful Hollywood Hills home proved to be a great back drop for this audition. The audition did not end up on the couch though. Instead it ended up in the hot tub where we lined up girl after girl to practice our one line and kiss with the leading man. Come on in to see my behind the scenes audition for a Hollywood role.

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