Slippery When Wet

“Rain Rain Go Away, come again another day! Naked Rebecca wants to go out and play. Rain rain go to Spain, Never show your face again.” We are now getting into the bad weather months, but hopefully this week’s update will cheer you up. I’m like a postman. Rain, sleet or snow, I’ll be there for you! Yes, there are days like this in the Fall when I still want to get out there and get naked and perform for all of you. It is what you all want isn’t it? It makes me sad like a little puppy when I have a day planned to get naked outside for you and the weather doesn’t cooperate. With all my fans waiting for me to come out and play! I just sit by the window stare at the rain and sing my nursery rhyme until…..

Yes Mother Nature listened to her favorite daughter and stopped the rain so I could get outside and be one with nature. Don’t you just love it? I felt like a little kid able to get out and frolic in the puddles. Being a simple gal from the country I really miss those pleasures in life. I hope it shows when you see me finally get outside after being cooped up all day. Come in and get out with me!