The Naked Girl and the Bridge

You asked for it, you got it! I was going to Napa for a wedding and was tweeting that I was driving over the Golden Gate Bridge and everyone started sending me instant messages to take my clothes off! Well we pulled over and I did it. It sure was cold, but I found a beautiful vista point to worship one of the most beautiful bridges and cities in the world. Hopefully I could bring some heat to this place! I didn’t realize how many landmarks I could have behind me at once. I just hope that I don’t distract you from the beautiful scenery behind me! I don’t know about you, but I left my heart right there!

The Empire State Building, the Hollywood sign, Radio City Music Hall, Coors Field, Disneyland, the Hollywood Walk of Fame and the Golden Gate Bridge have graced the pages of Rebecca’s Office now. Maybe you all can start sending me requests for your favorite landmarks. Come on in and see my little vacation detour. Hopefully I don’t ruin the postcard moment! The Japanese tourists at this observation point took some good photos too.