Back to Where It Began

Over 7 and a half years ago my husband convinced me to follow my natural urges and let you all see me in the raw. A lot has happened since then. It almost seems like yesterday when I when I put on a Wicked Weasel that he got me, and we went behind our weekend lake house in Ohio and took some initial photos for Dreamnet. I was a bit shy at first. I remember walking down the garden path to the edge of the lake and posing while pulling down my shorts and taking off my top. It was liberating knowing that hundreds of men would see the photos. Little did I know that it would turn into hundreds of thousands of men all over the world. I know Thanksgiving is over and many of you don’t celebrate the holiday, but I thought I’d thank you by going back to where it all started.

Although we sold that old house, we went back to the lake and rented the house from the company that bought it. It was kind of fun to walk back down that garden path to where we took our first photos. So many memories, but it all started from simple beginnings. Want to see where my humble beginnings started? Come on in through the back gates. Rebecca’s Office might be in a shiny city tower, but it started in a simple back yard. Come in and see where it all began.

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