Walking on Sunshine Mashup

Part of being a Dreamgirl is doing things that you would never do or were told not to do when growing up. Things like not making your bed or not going outside without a jacket. I was always told to be a good girl and date nice boys and play it real safe. Now that I’m a Dreamgirl I’ve done all sorts of things that go against what I was taught growing up. Sometimes it makes me feel dirty. Other times it makes me feel liberated. This week’s pictorial makes me feel liberated. Quite cleansing in fact. You know the song about singing in the rain? Well now that I am my own woman a nice rain sometimes makes me want to run outside in nothing and just feel that rain on my body. Do you like going out in BAD weather with a BAD girl?

When I was a teen, my girlfriends and I went out in the snow in our bikinis and had a snowball fight. I’m not that crazy anymore, but I still have a tendency to do bad things. Ever wonder why there are so many songs about being out in the rain? If you want to go out and be bad with me, come on in! I’ll have you singing my mashup! CLICK HERE!