Santa Knows where all the Naughty Girls Live

So we all know that jolly old soul in the red suit. Such a cheery gentleman, don’t you think? We all know how his name really is Kris Kringle. We know about his army of toy makers and flying reindeer, but you all probably wonder how he got that laugh! You know the one that everyone knows. When you were a kid didn’t you leave out the milk and cookies for Santa? I used to do that every year when he would slide down the chimney. I’d even bake my very special secret recipe chocolate chip Oreo specials. Then one year I forgot. I felt bad, but I didn’t have the time. What did I get? You guessed it. A lump of coal in my stocking.

All those years of cookies and I miss one year and get a lump of coal. Holy snowballs! I cried for a whole year then realized that I’d pay him back and give him a lump or two! Let’s just say the lump was not in the stocking, but in that crazy red suit. Come on in and really find out why Santa is such a jolly old soul and laughs such a jolly laugh. Yep….HO- HO –HO is how he finds us. CLICK HERE!