What a Woman Wants


They say that to flatter a woman will get you up her skirt.  I used to laugh when people said that.  But ever since I’ve been on the Web, I’m a totally believer.  Many men ask me how I convinced my husband to let me be on here or why I so this.  Well the truth is that I love the attention.  I never was the girl that all the guys looked at.  I was always the nerdy girl that guys avoided.  I never needed their looks or comments.

Well now that I’m older, I appreciate those comments.  In fact I love them and I want more.  When a guy writes me and asks if it is okay that he played with himself while looking at my photos, I’m flattered.  How many women like me come home from a rough day from work to find someone to tell them how they think I’m beautiful or that they were thinking about me all day?  I don’t care how great your marriage or relationship is, that just doesn’t happen.  And even if it does, you can’t tell me that it loses its luster to hear it from the same person day after day.  Hearing it from new people, people you just met, or from your fans only helps make a woman feel good about herself.

My husband always jokes that the average wife asks her husband, “Does my butt look big?” about 12 times a year, but that is only to get a comment out of him.  A webgirl like I am now gets asked if she can have her butt spanked at least 12 times a day via email.

I just love the comments and you guys make this so easy every day.

That is why I do things like enter the Wicked Temptations Customer of the Year contest.  Am I the prettiest girl in there?  Hardly.  In fact, I’m probably the oldest woman in the contest.  But, it sure would be nice to win and while i can’t put that trophy on my wall, it is something I’d look upon proudly to say I won something other than with my brains.  For a woman to be told she’s pretty enough to win something, that is so special.

For those of you who haven’t seen the contest or heard from me, I’d appreciate your vote.  The voting goes through the end of the month and it will be very close as I’m sure the other girls will be out there trying to get their friends and family to vote as well.  What do I get?  I get $1000 shopping spree on WickedTemptations.com.  So help me win and you can help choose my wardrobe.  You’ll make this old gal very happy!




7 thoughts on “What a Woman Wants

  1. Insanely attractive. Those who have been fortunate enough for even a quick hug needs to realize how lucky they were.

  2. I looked over all the candidates and you’re the only one worth voting for. So you know I voted and my vote is for Team Rebecca! FOREVER!

    Love Always you’re biggest fan and supporter!

  3. I vote every day! What do we get if you win Rebecca? How about you make us a nice video of you sucking off not one, not two, but THREE Big Beautiful Black Cocks!? 🙂

    Anyone want to second this motion?


  4. Hey Rebecca!

    You won the contest right? So how about that vid of you sucking off three big black beautiful cocks? Pretty Please with Cum on top?


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