Going Raw for you!

My 20+ minute video only update. First time ever seen by human eyes. This video I’m sharing with you is a little special as it is really for my hubby, but he is seeing it for the 1st time just like you. Right here on my site. You see, he was out of town and I got a little bored so I called my young buck over to my house and made love in my own bed. It had been years since we’d seen each other so I think he was a little hungry for me. I barely had time to open the door and lead him inside before he started tearing off my clothes and throwing me down on the bed. I was struggling to grab the video camera to capture the whole thing on tape before I was squirting all over the place. I want you to see what a woman does when she is bored at home and her husband is off doing his own thing! Many of my members have asked to see more of me in action, so her you go!

This is completely raw footage. No edits and yes I know it is done in low lighting and sometimes the sheets are blocking parts, but that is why I am an amateur site. No fancy cameramen or lighting. You are seeing a real housewife making love to her lovers. I’m a terrible actress so being alone with my lovers lets me relax. Now comes the special part (I must have been so drunk on his fluids as I don’t even remember doing this). At the end of this video clip, I leave a message to my husband (and you). Come inside my boudoir to get the inside scoop!

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