25 Days til Valentine’s Day! – You Choose!

I know some girls like candy, some girls like flowers, some like baubles…yes I like all of those things too, but to me there is nothing like putting mutual smiles on our faces.

I like it when a man looks at me and tells me I’m sexy and that I make him become an animal.  Candy flowers and jewelry don’t make that happen.  So contrary to most women, I don’t mind if my guy buys me something a little naughty to wear.

So this year I want you to help choose for me.  Which of these sexy outfits from Wicked Temptations should I wear for Valentine’s Day?

Sweetheart Valentine

Love Dot Corset

Sparkle Love Chemise

Pink Heart Babydoll

Now!  You can get me this for free!!  Now that you’ve voted for what you want me to wear, I will get it if I win the Wicked Temptation Customer of the Year….I can only win it though if you guys continue to vote for me.  Let’s have some fun!