Rebecca Raw in the Ass – Video Update

When we last left Rebecca her lover had gone off to wash off before coming back for his finishing act. In Part 2 of Raw Rebecca, Rebecca’s lover takes her in the ass. If you don’t follow Rebecca much, this is something she only does with her lovers. She doesn’t even let her husband go back there! One thing we always hate about watching the pros do anal scenes is that it is so fake. The girls are such pros at it that they don’t feel it and have to fake their moans. Not Rebecca. If you want to know what it would be like to watch that tight wad female boss of yours bend over and get it, then you won’t want to miss this. Hearing Rebecca squeal and groan makes up for the fact that this is all taken from a tripod!

We were going to wait a few weeks before giving you part 2 of this video, but after the great response from Part 1, we couldn’t leave you all in suspense like that. After watching it ourselves, there is no way we could keep this in hiding. We even clenched our own buttocks watching her take it. Then the coup de gras after her lover unloads deep inside her, Rebecca leaves us all with a personal message before turning off the camera. Come in and hear what she has to say. CLICK HERE!

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