My 2011 Oscar Gown Ratings

Anne Hathaway's stunning gown

As many of you know, I’m a stickler for fashion and now that I live in California I’m star-struck by the beautiful women and the fashion  I see every day.  Most people think of California as shorts and bikini tops.  But ever since I was a little girl growing up in Ohio, I always watched the Academy Awards and told my mom someday I’d be elegant and wear gowns like those and go to the Academy Awards.

Here is my take on the fashion we all witnessed on the Red Carpet or on TV:

Amy Adams – A purple cap-sleeved gown and diamond jewelry, including a bracelet and necklace,with emeralds – 7

Halle Berry – Her skin-toned crystal-encrusted gown with ruffled train and bodice were timeless on her gorgeous body – 9.5

Cate Blanchett – Ugly as always. Elaborately beaded and pleated lilac gown with surprising yellow beaded accents – 2

Sandra Bullock – A red strapless scarlet gown v-cut bust line , crimson clutch and diamond earrings and bangle – 9

Celine Dion – Her long-sleeved  ivory gown with a diamond and emerald pendant necklace was beautiful .  The necklace accented her plunging neckline – 9

James Franco – Pink strapless gown. – Okay, his fake boobs and chest hair were showing  – 2 ( he needed to shave his legs)

Anne Hathaway’s – White dress with Silver beading.  I’m glad she didn’t change dresses 20 times – 8.5 her second dress was an 8, but her 3rd dress, a silver loosely braided single shoulder bead dress which she promptly displayed with a twist  was the best.  a 10!  (that 4th blue monstrosity I’m gonna pretend I never saw.)

Jennifer Hudson – Her halter stunning red dress showed off her beautiful new shape.  Love the dress.  Want it! – 10

Scarlet Johanssen – Burgundy lace, backless dress accessorized with diamond earrings,  The dress just looked like she squeezed into it.  When up close it bunched – 7

Nicolde Kidman – A white strapless gown with beaded design of what appeared to be reeds, with a simple wispy haircut, sparkling diamond choker and bright red pumps that did not match at all.  Her choker was the most beautiful accessory of the night. – 6.5

Mila Kunis – Plunging lavender lace gown with a grosgrain ribbon waist and peekaboo detailing.  Seh looked beautiful and really pulled it off. – 9

Jennifer Lawrence – Red simple slim fitting simply elegant dress with Chopard earrings and bangle. She was styled perfectly and reminded me of the ’70s – 9

Melissa Leo – White dress with high collar and mirrored beading but her speech sucked- 8.5

Rebecca @ The Kodak Theater - Home of the Academy Awards

Helen Mirren – Gun shot silver puff shoulder gown, 3/4 sleeves, with diamond necklace. – 10

Gwynneth Paltrow’s – Creme colored one shoulder dress with thigh high slit and beaded with Swarovski crystals could not overcome her poor singing, but she wore it well – 8

Natalie Portman – Off-the-shoulder, empire-waisted violet gown with Swarovski crystal beading and tassel earrings.  And this was a maternity gown?  My goodness. – 9

Michelle Williams – Vintage style in a short-sleeved embroidered white Chanel gown, which she paired with  diamond earrings and pumps.  Reminded me of my wedding dress -9

Reese Witherspoon – What? Tuxedo dress with silver trim and plunging v back. Gorgeous and in my opinion the best dress of the evening.- 10

Lastly  Oprah Winfrey and Marisa Tomei were wonderful in their classic black dresses.  Oprah’s off the shoulder number with satin on top and a shimmery beaded bottom which hid her curvy figure.



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Best Movie Orgasm Ever?

I  was just reading my husband’s Maxim magazine and there was an interesting survey about the greatest movie orgasm as I guess there are a few movies this year up for an Academy Award.  Hmmm, maybe they should have an award for the Best Orgasm by a male or female in a comedy!  They had only 5 but I added the last 2.  So what do you think?

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Be My Valentine? I’ll Be Yours

Okay, I know many of you might not care about Valentine’s Day, but I am a hopeless romantic and as we all know, we don’t say “I LOVE YOU” enough. My husband sure doesn’t say it enough to me. Of course, maybe it’s because I’m out being a slut with other guys half the time that he never gets to say it to me! The fact is though that Valentine’s is a commercial, but there is no use spending all kinds of money and bling on superficial physical things. It is not what a real woman wants at all. A card that sings to you? No way! Mylar balloons? Are you kidding me? For all my members, this goes out to you. I love you all so much!

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Valentine’s Day Poll or Pole?

What does it mean?

Valentine’s Day has really been a bit of a quandary for me.  Do I got with my cynical self and say it is just one of those Hallmark Holidays and say it is meant just to spur the economy and get people to spend $85 for a dozen roses which die after a week?

As a financial advisor I never recommend to anyone to spend for superfluous items.  That said, if people are spending a lot on these items, it must mean that the economy is good and people are spending freely.  In fact, it should be a leading indicator of a turnaround in the economy, especially in these times.

Now that said, I don’t even believe there really is a reason to spend a lot of money.  I personally don’t care for roses.  Daisies and Peruvian lillies work well for me. The day is about love, isn’t it?  Or more importantly, about showing love!  Can I get a big cheer?  Isn’t love free?

So for those of you out there, what are you expecting to get for Valentine’s?  Take my poll and answer as many as you can.


Surrender to Me

There is nothing more sexy to me than a smart man. I love a man who surrenders himself to a good book. I need a man who is well read yet can’t find enough words to tell me how much he loves me. Do you love a good book? One of the things I love about a book is reading the title and then picturing what it is about. Just like me though I have often found that you can’t judge a book by its cover. Sometimes you look at that thick book and don’t imagine it will be a quick read full of excitement and intrigue. I often get that. People look at me and can’t imagine under that pressed crisp blouse and skirt stands a steamy horny MILF that just can’t get enough. Yes I have a voracious appetite for knowledge.

Care for me to read you? I’ll surely turn your pages fairly quick. If you enjoy this pictorial, perhaps I can read you to sleep every night. Want to know how I got my name? Well this week I have a special treat. In this pictorial you will see how I got my name. You might be just calling me a classic. Come inside for a little education about me. CLICK HERE!