Valentine’s Day Poll or Pole?

What does it mean?

Valentine’s Day has really been a bit of a quandary for me.  Do I got with my cynical self and say it is just one of those Hallmark Holidays and say it is meant just to spur the economy and get people to spend $85 for a dozen roses which die after a week?

As a financial advisor I never recommend to anyone to spend for superfluous items.  That said, if people are spending a lot on these items, it must mean that the economy is good and people are spending freely.  In fact, it should be a leading indicator of a turnaround in the economy, especially in these times.

Now that said, I don’t even believe there really is a reason to spend a lot of money.  I personally don’t care for roses.  Daisies and Peruvian lillies work well for me. The day is about love, isn’t it?  Or more importantly, about showing love!  Can I get a big cheer?  Isn’t love free?

So for those of you out there, what are you expecting to get for Valentine’s?  Take my poll and answer as many as you can.


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