Be My Valentine? I’ll Be Yours

Okay, I know many of you might not care about Valentine’s Day, but I am a hopeless romantic and as we all know, we don’t say “I LOVE YOU” enough. My husband sure doesn’t say it enough to me. Of course, maybe it’s because I’m out being a slut with other guys half the time that he never gets to say it to me! The fact is though that Valentine’s is a commercial, but there is no use spending all kinds of money and bling on superficial physical things. It is not what a real woman wants at all. A card that sings to you? No way! Mylar balloons? Are you kidding me? For all my members, this goes out to you. I love you all so much!

Do you want to get in a woman’s pants? Do you want to get up her skirt? Do you want to shoot Cupid’s Arrow straight through her heart?! Well you need to unlock her little love chest. Do you know how to do that? Come inside, and let me show you what a girl really wants. No, come in and let me tell you want a girl really needs! CLICK HERE!