Afternoon in my Backyard

Sit down, have a drink and let’s chat in my back yard. People ask me all the time about my real profession and how I do it. One of the unique aspects to working with the capital markets on the West Coast of the US is that although I wake up really early, I go home early. This means I’m home when the sun is out and I get to enjoy some afternoons alone in my peaceful home. It also means that I can enjoy a little drink before everyone comes home. Sometimes I enjoy more than liquid company and I’m able to have some real human interaction before I prepare dinner for everyone. Want to know more? Pull up a chair and let’s chat. By the way, I’m wearing a pink dress this week in honor of my friend who has breast cancer. I will personally donate to her fund based upon new memberships I receive this wink. So think pink this week.

Join me in my backyard and let me pour you a drink. Let’s enjoy a couple hours of peace and quiet. After you spend a couple hours you will understand why I love coming home and cherishing the wonderful surroundings. I know you’ve always wanted to learn more about my private life. Well this is your chance. In fact, let me let you in, Come on in, my backdoor is open. Just close the door behind you so the dogs don’t run out. CLICK HERE!

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