Explore Rebecca’s Valley

Come Explore my hills and valleys

Coming from the flats of Ohio this farm girl does appreciate nature’s natural curves! The hills and mountains, the valleys and canyons and beautiful vistas always look different every time I explore them. I love exploring my neighborhood and being one with nature. The flora and fauna in California are evergreen so I can just blend in and soak in the rays. As the song says, “Sunshine on my shoulders, makes me happy”. When the sun comes out I can hardly stay inside and I can barely keep my clothes on. Do I miss the snow and freezing Februarys? Heck no! I might not be a hardy Midwestern girl anymore, but I’m sure you don’t mind! If you love nature and the beautiful outdoors, you’ll want to come with me this week.


I like going for long walks. I just don’t like going for long walks alone. They say it is never safe to hike into the woods by yourself. You do remember what happened to Little Red Riding Hood, don’t you? Come along. I know where I’m going. I know the terrain like the back of my hand. Come along, and by the time we return, I’m sure you’ll know my terrain with the back of your hand as well. CLICK HERE!


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  1. I’m sure every Texan would love for you to come hike the Hill Country. I know I would… ;))

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