No More Hibernation! Spring is Here!

No more hibernating!


It might be a little early but since the groundhog saw his shadow and Spring is supposed to come early this year, I thought it wouldn’t be a bad idea to pop some bubbly and celebrate spring! Nothing like those first days of sunshine and smelling the fresh air and aroma of all the beautiful flowers. There are so many beautiful colors of flowers too. I do miss seeing all those cherry blossoms on the East Coast which are the first indication of Spring. A Cherry Blossom Festival? Well maybe not today, but we can have our very own Celebrate with Rebecca Festival! I’ll take any excuse to have a little drink!

As you know, I love beautiful flowers and there is nothing like Springtime when all the flowers bloom and show their colors. It is amazing the effect that this time of year has on me. I become like a flower as my petals open up and I want to show you all my new colors! I’m feeling as fertile as ever. Want to pollinate me? Come on inside. CLICK HERE!