I’ve Got A Surprise For You

As you probably know I don’t sleep with my husband anymore.  That is, he doesn’t get to cum inside me!  As much as I get a lot of action I like to save it for my lovers.  Every once in a while though I remind my husband of what he is missing.  Actually on this evening he was telling about a great blow job he got from one of his lovers.  I thought I’d remind him what a good blow job felt like.  I kept taunting him until he admitted my superiority and begged me to let him put his penis inside me. I told him he could feel what it was like again.  He wasn’t bad, but then I reminded him that he no longer was allowed and that my pussy could only be seeded by my lovers.  It was okay.  He got a happy ending!

So do you get a blow job when you have sex with your partner?  Is it common?  Do you deep throat?  Do you swallow?  Do you talk dirty or provide eye contact.  These are all part of my blow job arsenal.  I’ll also let you in on a little BJ pet peeve of mine.    But if you want to know, you have to come inside and see.



5 thoughts on “I’ve Got A Surprise For You

  1. How long has it been since you banished him from your inner paradise? Looking at the size of his cock I can understand why. Why downgrade to that thing when you’re experiencing all of those gorgeous black God-of-Cock?

    My personal goal is to meet the girl of my dreams, fall in love, and get married. Then fuck passionately for the first few months of our marriage until the day she informs me I’m no longer allowed to make love to her as long as we’re married and that she will be “entertaining” boyfriends as she sees fit. Even going so far as to take them home and waking me from sleep to shoo me out of bed so she can fuck them.

    I’ll be allowed to watch but not touch myself. After her lovers have left I’ll be allowed clean her thoroughly but not masturbate. Eventually she’ll further degrade and humiliate me by turning me into a hopeless cocksucker. She’ll even have her friends over so she can embarrass and humiliate me by forcing me to suck cock for her as they watch.

    It will all be worth it though because occasionally when she’s feeling generous she will allow me to pleasure myself while I’m down on my knees eating her beautiful ass. Never her pussy though. The only time I’m allowed to go near there is when I’m forced to clean her lover’s cum from her.

    Oh yeah and I’m allowed a handjob from her on my birthday, Christmas, and Easter…but if don’t cum within five minutes she stops and I’m not allowed to finish.

    I’m sure this sounds offensive to some or most but this is how I truly want to live the rest of my life.

    Thank you for all you do for us Rebecca…May God Bless You For It! 🙂


    • Oh, I’m not into humiliating my hubby.

      He has a female lover or two that he sleeps with besides me. He’s quite skilled actually. I also find that it is better hygiene for me just to sleep with my partners and not my hubby so as not to mess up my pH.

  2. Like a lot of men I find the idea of other men having sex with my girlfriend a big turn on, (although she would never do anything like this.) The problem, (for me) is that a lot of cuckold ‘material’ centers around the husband or partner being totally humiliated. I’m not into that at all which is why your site is so fantastic. I find the fact that you won’t sleep with him very arousing and your taunts are spot on with just the right level of ‘humiliation.’

    I’m new to your site but have viewed the confession videos. the audio is difficult to hear but I loved it that you compare his penis to that of your lovers and that you openly say you’re pussy is made for black cock. I’m hoping to hear a lot more of this sort of thing from you.

  3. Rebecca, have you ever considered making your husband wear a condom? So that way your vagina is for big black cock only and he’ll never be able to feel himself truly inside of you again.

    • He could, but he sleeps with other women. I hate the feel of condoms too

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