Carpooling to Work with Rebecca – erotica

I love how my members are inspired to write erotica about me and am always willing to publish their works here on my blog.  If you enjoy good fiction, please feel free to send me some (at least 1000 words) and I will place it here for all to read (with your permission)


“Carpooling to Work”

by Trey Victory


Rebecca, you and I are carpooling to work in bumper to bumper traffic and we are both sitting there bored out of our minds.  As the drive progresses we begin to play our version of I’ll show you mine if you show me yours.  Also don’t forget you put a one way tint on your car windows so we can see out but people can’t see in….

I unbutton my shirt and reveal my chest in your car and you reciprocate and unbutton your shirt revealing your exquisitely beautiful breasts….I bask in all their wondrous glory. They take hold of my heart and immediately make me beyond rock hard. I am so hard because of you Rebecca I have to free my hard cock so you can see it. I take it out and begin stroking my bbc just staring at each inch of your body. You begin staring at the head of my cock and begin playing, fingering,  pleasuring your pussy with your free hand as we drive and begin playing in unison with ourselves as the car is in motion…and as we continue to partake in our mutual self pleasure I make a suggestion to you Rebecca.

I suggest we partake in a little game of orgasm denial which would allow you to have all the power Rebecca. You begin stroking me till I  almost shoot everywhere but you let go so it subsides and you keep doing this stroking my cock as the card speeds up and stops in unison with the orgasm denial, stroking me getting me so hot Rebecca…….you are a goddess who knows no bounds. When you want this cock to cum you will make it cum! We get to the halfway point of the trip to work and finally you decide its time for me to cum. So you begin stroking with all your might until I shoot my load everywhere on your dashboard,your hands, some even lands on your leg…lol.

You think its over but I’m just starting…I tell you I need an early brunch and decide to devour your gorgeous immaculate pussy while you drive and try to keep the car steady. I just can’t stop licking sucking tickling your pussy with my tongue ,sucking on your clit like its a pacifier and finally I use my fingers to give you an orgasm denial session increasing my pace as we drive further with every mile until you finally gush your sweet juices everywhere on the steering wheel, my hands and even a little on my leg.

Now before we head into the office I have to clean you up baby because you were so nice to clean up my bbc Rebecca. You are the best Rebecca thank you love. Hope you enjoyed the little story ,enjoyed writing it :).

Trey Victory