Are you In or are you Out?

I’ve received lots of emails recently from people who don’t pay attention. People sometimes draw their own perception of me. Many assume my husband is a cuckold. I had to look that up. He is not. So then why do I do what I do? Why then am I doing this? So you want to learn a little more about me? This might sound boring, but to understand me really is to understand why I am here on Dreamnet. I believe variety is what you need in life and that is why I am here on Dreamnet. I live my normal real life during the day, but I just want to come home kick off my sensible heels, and live life in an alternative universe. You see, I’ve always been a silent contrarian. I grew up on a farm, but I wasn’t always the girl who ran the straight and narrow. I liked to do things differently just to mix things up a bit. I liked that on our farm, the dogs got along with the cats. Oh and we didn’t wear overalls. In fact, because my father worked at the university, he wore suits. There is something about leaving your own four walls and becoming someone different.

So today, I like to do things differently too. I like wearing my underwear outside and as you all know, I like to wear my spike heels to bed. Inside my house I even use patio furniture while I use cushioned seats outside. And many of followers have noted that I don’t mind the contrast in skin colors of my many dark lovers against my own skin. It’s all about variety for me.

The wonderful thing about having a wall around my house is that I don’t have to leave my domain to become my alter ego. That way I can get wild outside without ever going beyond my own walls. You see, it is hard for me to get wild in my own bedroom, but once I leave the comfort of my own home, I get a little crazy. What does that mean? Well help unshackle me from my bed and let’s see what happens.

3 thoughts on “Are you In or are you Out?

  1. Hey Sexy.. new to your site this month and after reading your blog I realize that you are in SoCal.. getting sexy in the back yard in my back yard… Love the outfit and cant wait for the day you get to know me well enough for me to seed you!! Ummm good..

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