Full Moon Over Rebecca

Humping like the Easter Bunny!

For all you connoisseurs of the back door, the heiny, the derriere, the arse, the backdoor, or simply the butt, this update is for you! When one of my members sent me some pajamas, I was thinking it was going to be a little nighty, but instead it was a onesy with a back flap like you find at the hospital so that the nurse has easy access to your butt. It’s perfect. Now my lovers can have access to my back side any time they’d like as well. I know you guys like my backside. So now I’m giving you all access, all the time.

Watch out though, just like any property you might be caught on my surveillance camera. Beware, I have heavy security! LOL! I’m feeling a bit of a draft. Did I leave the back door open? I might have to put a lock on that flap. Until I do so, you are invited to come check it out. The front door might be closed, but I guess I can’t stop you from coming in the back. Come on in, but please make sure to close the door behind you! The lock is broken. CLICK HERE!

Spring Break Anyone?

Spring Break at Rebecca's

I’ve been complaining the last few weeks that adults need Spring Break too! It is no fair that all these young people get to go off and party wildly once the weather gets better while us corporate slaves are stuck in our glass towers keeping this country running. I once did the Ft. Lauderdale thing. I was a little naïve back then believe it or not. The idea of a wet t-shirt contest or a one-night stand back then was repulsive. Wow, if I knew then what I know now, I’d have been the Queen of the Boardwalk! Well it is never too late to party. So for all of you who miss Spring Break, let’s have our own version. What do you think?

Cancun, Ft. Lauderdale? Palm Springs? No, I don’t have the ability to venture to those places anymore. Besides I do like to party in luxury these days. No more sand in my bathing suit for me or loud rap music while I try to catch some sun. I just want to soak in the sun and be pampered. Will you help me be pampered? If that is the case, then you are invited to spend Spring Break with me. Come on over and jump in my hot tub! CLICK HERE!

He Made Me Scream!

The Boss’s Boss: Meet Rebecca’s Boss – Ass Kisser (Part 2) – Yes, Rebecca is a good employee, but what she will tell you is that what separates the good from the best is hard work. Those of you who have followed her work here on Dreamnet for the last 8 years know that she is so dependable. It makes our life really easy. She shows up for work every week and never fails to provide us with fabulous output! Nobody can ever question her work ethic. Now we’ve never worked with her in real life, but our guess is that she always goes the extra yard.

As we catch up to her here we see that she’s ready to go overtime for her own boss. Now you will see her secret as he tells her that she needs to take her bonus up the ass. We never figured Rebecca to be an ass kisser, but listen to her squeal as she turns over and let’s her boss have his way with her back door. We like how she just lays there as he lubes up and eases his body inside her.

Our guess is that Rebecca earned a big bonus this year and is surely the boss’s office pet. CLICK HERE!

Behind My Blue Door

I always get asked about my Dungeon photo shoot I once did. It is probably my most talked about photo shoot. People always ask if I really have a Dungeon in my house. It really isn’t a dungeon but rather a separate studio that I used. I call it my blue room. Yes, this is where the magic happens when I am at home. It is also the room I take my play buddies. This room has all my toys and is where I hide all my toys and the wardrobe I collect. Maybe today I’ll take you inside. Yes inside behind the Blue Door. I know there was a famous porno movie about a green door, but I have a blue door instead! It’s actually where I do my porno too. My friends find it to be a great room to shoot in as well. Today I’m hosting a few other industry friends at our home, but let me show you around.

Us Dreamgirls are no different than most of you. We all have that little room or space in our house where we close the door and do our work. For me it is a little room that you could use to do your painting or have a separate office. You probably think it would be better named the Rebecca’s Office Annex. Yes, I think I might get a sign for that room which says that. Well come on in and let me give you the ten cent tour. CLICK HERE!