Full Moon Over Rebecca

Humping like the Easter Bunny!

For all you connoisseurs of the back door, the heiny, the derriere, the arse, the backdoor, or simply the butt, this update is for you! When one of my members sent me some pajamas, I was thinking it was going to be a little nighty, but instead it was a onesy with a back flap like you find at the hospital so that the nurse has easy access to your butt. It’s perfect. Now my lovers can have access to my back side any time they’d like as well. I know you guys like my backside. So now I’m giving you all access, all the time.

Watch out though, just like any property you might be caught on my surveillance camera. Beware, I have heavy security! LOL! I’m feeling a bit of a draft. Did I leave the back door open? I might have to put a lock on that flap. Until I do so, you are invited to come check it out. The front door might be closed, but I guess I can’t stop you from coming in the back. Come on in, but please make sure to close the door behind you! The lock is broken. CLICK HERE!