Shake My Moneymaker?

Okay, the cat might be out of the bag, but at my club, they call me the Moneymaker. Given my regular daytime profession, I guess it makes sense. Originally they called me the Trumpess, but after a few weeks the guys gave me some pointers and helped me to loosen up. I remember struggling with being nervous everytime before I went on stage. It is such a dive place and with it being so dark I felt like I was on the spotlight. Well I was. So one day, the club bouncer pulled me aside grabbed my ass and told me to go upstairs with him, where he took me in the access room. Well he gave me a nice deposit and then told me that when I danced I need to shake so hard his cum would drip out.

Only he and I knew the liquid dripping down my leg that night was his body fluids, but that night I made more tips than I ever had before! After that night, he called me Mrs. Wall Street (aka the Moneymaker). In fact, he likes to give me bling to wear when I dance. Come on in and check out one of my outfits. Maybe I’ll give you a private show and shake my moneymaker for you. CLICK HERE!

Do you Know the Password?

Knock Knock

Okay, so I am a nerd, but my husband and I have all these secrets that couples share. We also have all these secret words…like when we do a little B&D, I have a special word that we use to make him or me stop, but won’t break the mood. We have a bit of our language. Truthfully though, when we are out and when we used to first meet other people we had a magic word. If I said the magic word, it meant to my husband that I wanted to sleep with the guy we were meeting. To this day only he and I know the magic word. Funny thing is my husband knows what a slut I am that sometimes I think he doesn’t even wait for me. Well actually sometimes I move too fast myself.

So yes I am like a fairy tale with the password to my kingdom. I even have a nickname for my female parts. Can you guess them? In fact if you can guess them, you just might have to be knighted by me. Then you can use your sword to joust with me a little! Just take off that body armor. Care to share passwords? I’ll let you know mine if you let me know yours! Come on in and let’s share a little, shall we? Once you’re in, I’ll be all yours! CLICK HERE!

BYOD – Bring Your Own Ducky

BYOD - Bring Your Own......

Rubber Ducky, you’re the one. You make bath time lots of fun. Well, I’m past the age of bath tub toys these days, but it doesn’t mean that I can’t have fun in the bath anymore. Yes, I have more adult like toys that I play with in the tub. Let’s just say they are a little more powerful than a rubber ducky and I don’t even have to wind it up. Yes, baths are a time for soothing and soaking. Will you be my bath buddy and help me with those hard to reach places? I never liked baths as a kid, but to me there is nothing more romantic than sharing a warm bath with another person. Candles and bath salts optional. But bring your own toys!

Oh my it is hot and steamy in here. You can wipe away the steam? Maybe you can hop in and remove these bubbles. Her is my suggestions, put some soap in your hands and Lather, Rinse, Repeat. Again, Lather, Rinse, Repeat! Come on in, it’s a small tub, but I think you can turn on my jets! CLICK HERE!

Will You Be My Prince Charming?

Did you watch the royal wedding? I love that kind of thing. I know that every girl out there like me grew up thinking that some day she would be a princess and meet her Prince Charming. The Royal Wedding last week just had me swooning about that beautiful dress and the swarms of loyal subjects lining the roads to catch a glimpse. Alas, the glass slipper never found its way to my place. I think I would have made a great princess. Don’t you? Would you have been my Prince Charming? Maybe if I had met you in an earlier part of my life you could have swept me off my feet and taken this fair maiden and rescued her from the dungeon or the castle tower. Well I have a plan. Maybe you and I can pretend you are my prince. Care to play along?

I love fairy tales and maybe we can have one together. Will you be my Prince Charming? If the shoe fits, come find your Sleeping beauty and bring you best kiss. I need a Knight in Shining Armor to come to my rescue and take me away from all of this. Click HERE and storm my castle . I’ll be waiting for you to take me on my throne! CLICK HERE!