Will You Be My Prince Charming?

Did you watch the royal wedding? I love that kind of thing. I know that every girl out there like me grew up thinking that some day she would be a princess and meet her Prince Charming. The Royal Wedding last week just had me swooning about that beautiful dress and the swarms of loyal subjects lining the roads to catch a glimpse. Alas, the glass slipper never found its way to my place. I think I would have made a great princess. Don’t you? Would you have been my Prince Charming? Maybe if I had met you in an earlier part of my life you could have swept me off my feet and taken this fair maiden and rescued her from the dungeon or the castle tower. Well I have a plan. Maybe you and I can pretend you are my prince. Care to play along?

I love fairy tales and maybe we can have one together. Will you be my Prince Charming? If the shoe fits, come find your Sleeping beauty and bring you best kiss. I need a Knight in Shining Armor to come to my rescue and take me away from all of this. Click HERE and storm my castle . I’ll be waiting for you to take me on my throne! CLICK HERE!

One thought on “Will You Be My Prince Charming?

  1. I would love to be in a fairy tale with you!!! I would love to be your Prince Charming!!! I know that the shoe will fit and I am bringing a kiss that you will never forget!!! I will kiss every body part that you have!!!!!! Then I will pick you up and we will take off into the Sun set!!!!

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