Shake My Moneymaker?

Okay, the cat might be out of the bag, but at my club, they call me the Moneymaker. Given my regular daytime profession, I guess it makes sense. Originally they called me the Trumpess, but after a few weeks the guys gave me some pointers and helped me to loosen up. I remember struggling with being nervous everytime before I went on stage. It is such a dive place and with it being so dark I felt like I was on the spotlight. Well I was. So one day, the club bouncer pulled me aside grabbed my ass and told me to go upstairs with him, where he took me in the access room. Well he gave me a nice deposit and then told me that when I danced I need to shake so hard his cum would drip out.

Only he and I knew the liquid dripping down my leg that night was his body fluids, but that night I made more tips than I ever had before! After that night, he called me Mrs. Wall Street (aka the Moneymaker). In fact, he likes to give me bling to wear when I dance. Come on in and check out one of my outfits. Maybe I’ll give you a private show and shake my moneymaker for you. CLICK HERE!

3 thoughts on “Shake My Moneymaker?

  1. Beautiful. Thanks to democracy that atleast we can see and communicate with you but we can find only very few videos of yours in India accept through few websites.Here we have ruppee sign.

  2. I would LOVE to fill up your Money Maker!!!! I don’t blame the guy one bit, If had the chance, I would have licked anything that you wanted me to lick!!!!! You are one Hell of a Beautiful, Hot and Sexy Lady!!!!!!

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