Bejeweled Bikini Butt

Did I Pick the Wrong Bikini This Year? Happy 4th of July! – So each year I choose another bikini and you all noticed a couple of weeks ago that I chose my polka dot bikini, but one of my members thinks I made a mistake in not choosing a bikini from his company. Have to admit that I feel bad for disappointing a friend that I have supported for the last several years. You might have noticed over the past several years that I have sported Malibu Strings bikinis on a few occasions. Well I am a good friend and so when I won a bet recently he sent me a few hundred dollars worth of bikinis for me to wear for all of you. Many of you might recall that when I first started on here almost 8 years ago, I wore an Australian Wicked Weasel, but Malibu Strings is the US competitor and given that we are on the verge of America’s 235th Birthday, I am sporting my All American Bandeau bikini with Booty shorts!

Well a bikini is revealing but sometimes it is never enough. Or maybe I should say it is too much! It might not leave much to the imagination but micro bikinis are meant to fall off and let you see more than you should. These bikinis can’t really be worn around out in public, or can they? Well you don’t have to wait to see what’s underneath with me. Just come inside and see. You want to see some All American fireworks? Let me show you! CLICK HERE!


Bikini Bottoms

Rebecca’s Afternoon Delight

Afternoon Delight

(Limited Edition): This video is a bit controversial for me. And for that reason, I am only making this available on my site for a short time, but thought it would help answer a lot of questions.

You see, this video shows the last time I let my husband come along when I had my craving to meet my lovers. After this video was shot, I was overwhelmed when I watched it back and saw how out of control I was with my lover. I had fallen for this incredible specimen of a lover and my husband was speechless after watching this man with me having a little afternoon delight. In fact it was a bit too much for my husband to handle. He even left the room halfway through because he couldn’t bear to watch and listen anymore. So when many people ask for multiple angles and such on my video, it is hard because it is usually just me and my lover. This is my typical scenario of me with my lover meeting in the afternoon and scratching that hard to reach itch!

You will also have to excuse how this video ends suddenly after 30 minutes. I only had a small 30 minute tape with me that day. CLICK HERE FOR THE LIMITED TIME FULL VIDEO ON MY SITE!

Call me Short & Sassy

So when a member answered my question on Facebook about what to get from one of my favorite onlines stores, he told me I needed to wear more polka dots. Well who am I to disappoint him. So I did need to get a new bathing suit for the summer. For those of you who have followed me all these years, you know I get a new bikini each year. Summer is when I get my new bikini and also get my new haircut. This year I decided to go short and sassy. My hair stylist also decided to add a small hint of red in there. Can you tell? Well I then thought I’d show all of this off to you by the pool but it is freezing cold out! When is Summer going to start?! We decided to take this outside on our heated covered patio instead.

Have you got any new suggestions for me? You can also answer this question at my Facebook page at So do you want to see some of my bigger polka dots? You might want to get closer to get a really good luck. Want to see the rest of my Summer wardrobe? Then you better come inside and see what I’m hiding. Or you can play connect the dots. CLICK HERE!

And Now Back to Our Miserable Lives



My father always told me to never forget where you are from whether it is good or bad.  Being from the great state of Ohio, I am sad to say that someone forgot where he is from.  He spat on our sidewalks, told us we all weren’t good enough, and then told the whole world he was going Hollywood (well South Beach) on us before we even knew.  Well Queen LeBron, life sucks doesn’t it.  Too bad you let the door hit you in the back on the way out!

Lonely at Home

Rebecca is a horny MILF. We often see videos of Rebecca’s meetings with her lovers. She normally tapes these videos and then shows her husband what she did while he was away on business. We then Now not always do her lovers agree to let themselves be filmed and Rebecca also likes to keep some of her more intimate moments with her lovers more private. We can’t blame her. Well this video we’re told was filmed when Rebecca was getting ready for a meeting with her lover. Rebecca knew that he didn’t want to be filmed, so she decided to do a little at home warm-up video for her husband as she fantasized about her lovers. Besides, Rebecca needed to stretch herself out a bit before heading out to meet her big stud.

Wonder what your wife is up to when she is home alone with nothing to do but think of her lovers? You better be careful. Hide the dildos and anal beads. Rebecca wastes no time sitting in her empty house fantasizing about the lovers in her life. Listen to her moan and call out her lover’s names as she shoves her toys deep inside her. What do you think her husband thought when he found this video and saw the contents? Come inside and maybe we can find more of Rebecca’s collection CLICK HERE FOR THE FULL 17+ MIN VIDEO

I Have A Problem, But You Knew That

I’ve never told you this secret fact before, but I’m sure if you’ve followed me over the past 8 years, I have a fondness for great architecture. Whether it is a brick alley wall, a famous castle, a bridge, a golf course or a tall building once scaled by a ficticious giant gorilla, I love having a great background in my photos. Why? Well when I was little I wanted to be an architect. In fact when I started college I was an architect major. I just wasn’t very good at it. I studied all the different eras of architecture so I have a strong appreciation for good lines. In fact there is this one structure I can’t get enough of. I have this THING about it. Can you guess why? I’m obsessed!

When I flew out to visit my friend who also is my photographer, she invited me to her new studio apartment to take some photos, I fell in love with the view and this structure. I told her it just had to be in the background. She laughed and thought I had a problem, but soon realized that my obsession had deep stiff roots! Have any idea what building I’m talking about? Well come in and I’ll show you. Tell me if you think I’m crazy! CLICK HERE!