Lonely at Home

Rebecca is a horny MILF. We often see videos of Rebecca’s meetings with her lovers. She normally tapes these videos and then shows her husband what she did while he was away on business. We then Now not always do her lovers agree to let themselves be filmed and Rebecca also likes to keep some of her more intimate moments with her lovers more private. We can’t blame her. Well this video we’re told was filmed when Rebecca was getting ready for a meeting with her lover. Rebecca knew that he didn’t want to be filmed, so she decided to do a little at home warm-up video for her husband as she fantasized about her lovers. Besides, Rebecca needed to stretch herself out a bit before heading out to meet her big stud.

Wonder what your wife is up to when she is home alone with nothing to do but think of her lovers? You better be careful. Hide the dildos and anal beads. Rebecca wastes no time sitting in her empty house fantasizing about the lovers in her life. Listen to her moan and call out her lover’s names as she shoves her toys deep inside her. What do you think her husband thought when he found this video and saw the contents? Come inside and maybe we can find more of Rebecca’s collection CLICK HERE FOR THE FULL 17+ MIN VIDEO

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  1. This kind of videos should be available for all. Unable to get you videos anymore in India???. We can get videos of other regular great stars like Janet Mason and others but not yours???

  2. Rebecca, I just love watching you pleasure yourself!!!! I would have no problem lending a helping hand, tongue or whatever else you might need!!! You are so Damn Beautiful, Hot and Sexy!!!

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