Call me Short & Sassy

So when a member answered my question on Facebook about what to get from one of my favorite onlines stores, he told me I needed to wear more polka dots. Well who am I to disappoint him. So I did need to get a new bathing suit for the summer. For those of you who have followed me all these years, you know I get a new bikini each year. Summer is when I get my new bikini and also get my new haircut. This year I decided to go short and sassy. My hair stylist also decided to add a small hint of red in there. Can you tell? Well I then thought I’d show all of this off to you by the pool but it is freezing cold out! When is Summer going to start?! We decided to take this outside on our heated covered patio instead.

Have you got any new suggestions for me? You can also answer this question at my Facebook page at So do you want to see some of my bigger polka dots? You might want to get closer to get a really good luck. Want to see the rest of my Summer wardrobe? Then you better come inside and see what I’m hiding. Or you can play connect the dots. CLICK HERE!

5 thoughts on “Call me Short & Sassy

  1. Rebecca, I love those polka dots, the smaller the better. That way I have to get up real close to se them!!!! I can help keep you warm that way!!!!

  2. Love your new hair style and photo. We want to visit US to see some live sex shows in Las Vegas and if possible meet you.
    Neelima, Ujjwala and friends, Mumbai, Palghar, Dahanu (India)

  3. I’m a new reader to your blog and I must say that you look absolutely delicious in your new bikini and haircut… I simply can’t stop staring!

  4. I like the red in the hair and the polka dots on your fine tush. If you’re looking for summer, come back to the Midwest for a few days — it’s been here with a vengeance!

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